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Breathing Spaces

As part of the residency "Removing Barriers"
with In Transit (link opens in new tab)


"Breathing Spaces" was exhibited in the online group exhibition

"breathe • rest • play" on the platform In Transit, as the end of residency exhibition 2023

To see the exhibition, follow this link (opens up in a new window):

About "Breathing Spaces":


If the connective tissues in our bodies are stressed and hard, then movement is blocked. The flow of information, nutrition and oxygen changes and so do our thoughts, our mood and way of being-in-the-world.

As part of her residency with In Transit, I have been researching creative tools that address the harsh pace of stress, tiring states of chronic health conditions and the never ending pressure for productivity.
 I named one of such tools ‘breathing spaces’. Breathing spaces are spaces in which we soften, rest, heal and practice a tender relationship to ourselves and others. This breathing space consists of drawing imagery, formulating movement scores and collaging not only shapes but also the gaps and emptiness in between.

Moving and practising with others is key in my research. I am grateful to her colleagues and friends who join her in movement and reflections.

I developed the work into a textile print, click here.


The following photos show parts if the digital collage "Breathing Spaces",
2023 © Mira Hirtz



















































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