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Upcoming projects:

feel soft


Exhibition with performative interludes

by Mira Hirtz and Franziska Boehm


June 3rd, Saturday, 12pm-5pm

June 4th, Sunday, 12pm-5pm

      performative interludes on Sunday
     at 12:30pm and 3:30pm

      ca. 40 minutes each

at ASC Art House West, Grafton Rd, Croydon CR0 3RP

Coordinator: Mira Hirtz

Performers:  Kate Brown, Carolina Cury 

How can our creative processes create agency in our lives?

In "feel soft", two artists give each other company in their practices that evolve around the lived experience of chronic and mental health conditions. Both share pieces from their ongoing body of works which shift back and forth between felt states, bodily experience, collage and paint as well as expansive installation. They explore how creativity can foster agency and acceptance within our lives and how we, as part of this exploration, soften into complexity.

Combining fine arts and performative approaches, the exhibition is informed by a choreographic perspective: which gestures do the works evoke in the space? Which dynamic pathways are being created? How do these gestures and pathways move you?

In her ongoing body of work "relocating voice", Franziska Boehm explores the weight and place of sounding through mapping and performing. She studies the skill of releasing tensions stored in our bodies via sounding and moving sensations. She is fascinated by the sounds that human voices can make and how the feedback of those sounds can transform and catapult us into imagining ourselves and the world we live in otherwise. Exploring the depth and richness that our human experiences offer, she works with what we come up against: desires, needs, frustrations, anxieties - once we manage to slow down from our busy lives.

In the ongoing body of work "body chronicles", Mira Hirtz reflects on the anatomical and energetic alignment of the body –  its order of parts, its density and tone, its organic shapes. How do these define health and healing? And how do they reflect what the body and organic shapes even are? Mira Hirtz uses creative tools to wonder about these questions. Therein, moving and sensing her body and its relation to others serves as a ground for her performance practice, as well as for her paintings and installative work in which she re/composes shapes and dynamic structures. 

Accessibility information:

The exhibition and performative interludes will take 
place in a relaxed atmosphere with seating and places to rest available.
 During the performative interludes, you are welcome to get comfortable, shift and come and go as you need.

There will be a dimmed light situation as sounds, voice and touch will be depicted and performed. Automatic doors, lifts, disabled toilet and water refill are available

We invite you to rest, dream and breath along!


Mira Hirtz and Franziska Boehm
at Turf Projects 2023

Whitgift Centre, 46-47 Trinity Court, Croydon CR0 1UQ

Friday May 5th, 12-5pm
Performative Encounters
Sign up here!

Saturday May 6th, 12-4pm
Matinee with open exhibition, talk and performance

We invite you to join us in a twofold event at Turf project space!
We compose an installation of artworks and research within the space. This will serve as the starting point to participate, dialogue and perform. The installation circles around questions of how we share and articulate our experiences of being-in-the-world through sonic, visual and movement practices.

To take part in our Performative Encounters, sign up for Friday - see below.

To see the culminating exhibition, talk and performance, join us on Saturday.

Friday, May 5th: Performative Encounters

Come and participate in our practice! There will be slots to sign up for Performative Encounters as participants. These will not be open to the general public. Franziska and Mira will each facilitate a performative encounter with you, and both will happen at the same time as they are in dialogue with each other. With our two desks and two practices, we will invite you to talk about things like resemblances and differences, maps and what they express, sounding weight and stories of navigation. These encounters will make use of verbal and non-verbal languages. Materials will be used playfully and be added to the existing installation in the space.

Each performative encounter lasts 45 minutes. To see the available time slots and to sign up, click here.

Saturday, May 6th: Matinee
12pm-4pm: open exhibition
2pm: Artist talk and performative response

Come to our Saturday matinee! Open to the public, here you can see the installation of the artists which has been complemented, altered and rearranged by the participants. There will also be an artist talk and a performative response in which we share our practices.

About our practices:

Franziska's practice in movement, sound and visual arts, is grounded in embodied awareness. Her current reseach looks at sounding from the perspective of weight and place in the body. She applies mapping and performing as aesthetic tools. Through those tools she explores how the singular lived experience can become a space for encounter and mediation.   

Mira’s current research looks at how aesthetic practices express the reality of our being-in-the-world. Her research evolves around questions such as: What shifts the view of ourselves and the world? What is a body? How do we define and experience discomfort, wellbeing and processes of healing? Mira is curious about how we translate these sensorial and cognitive experiences into a sharable language. She explores which knowledge lies within navigating our needs and believes in our every-day life.

What is a relaxed performance?
There is an open attitude towards audience sound and movements, you are invited to do what you feel what you need
Different types of seating options will be available
You can move, around in your seat of in the space
If you need a separate quiet space let us know anytime

If you want to enquire about accessibility, please see here:
or email us:



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