Mira Hirtz – Movement Artist, Art Mediator, Art Theorist

What if dancing is the answer to all questions? After all, it’s just an assumption, a presumption, an imagination.

As a performance artist, mediator and art theorist Mira imagines often, and in different media and contexts, what dance is and what the value of creativity is – for people, the ecology, and for the mediation of knowledge. Contexts include performing for her own pieces and those of others, curating events at the Badischer Kunstverein (“How do we care?), walking at the documenta14 (Chorist), and facilitating workshops for La Loge in Bussels, in the Floating University and for ZKM Karlsruhe, where the museum turns into a rehearsal space in analogue and virtual ways (“Critical Zones”), performing at Badischer

Kunstverein Karlsruhe (“suspicious body”) and at Laurie Grove Studios London (“being part of nature, somehow”). The fact that she completed the MFA Creative Practice at Trinity Laban Conservatoire and Independent Dance London in 2019 and the Master’s degree in Art History and Media Philosophy at the HfG Karlsruhe in 2016, where she sometimes teaches performative research, certainly played a crucial role in her progress, along with her co-editing the online platform “reciprocal turn”. Currently, her collective "Initiative for Applied Melancholy" is trying to provide a stage for non-human beings.