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Solo Exhibition by Mira Hirtz

at The Cube, ASC Art House West, Croydon, London

All photos 2023 at ASC Art House West © Mira Hirtz


Chronic and ongoing states of pain, struggle, distress, and many other experiences can shift the sense we have of our own bodies. More than that, they make use rethink what a body even is and how human beings strive to feel or not feel it. The artworks exhibited at The Cube and ASC Croydon emerge out of a dialogue with this shifting sense and wonderment.

Rather than a result, the works are a trace of a process of creation. This process goes back and forth between sensing my body in movement and composing imaginary landscapes. Part of this process is also being in conversation with people, friends and experts. The emerging landscapes form anatomies which negotiate: tension and release, strength and softness, tangible and intangible parts of myself and others, the present moment and moments to come.

ASCs The Cube was installed in its Croydon Grafton Rd studios in 2020. It is a bespoke exhibition structure that is a sister space to its original M2 gallery in Peckham, London.
 M2 Gallery was designed and created by the late artist/architect Ken Taylor and still has monthly exhibitions.
 ASCs The Cube has used this original template and looks to showcase new bespoke work from both artists from its Croydon studios and elsewhere.


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