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Lecture performance in the frame of Medialounge um sechs, ZKM Karlsruhe, 2016








"Close your eyes and take an unnecessary risk."

During the performance letters are handes which con- tain invitations for actions. Each note correlates with a projected colour. In content and format of the lecture performance I deal with a famous topos within performance art: participating in a community.

"Close your eyes and listen to the sounds. Do not open them until you feel the impulse."

Bodies promise to enable community due to its perceptible common qualities. But what does community mean? I want to explore the commu- nity and the common, and their inherent tendencies to exculde.

"Stand up as slow as you can and sit down as slow as you can."

I want to provide a fragile body: gradually, profane, and in constant movement.
(thanks to deufert&plischke for the inspiration)

"Look around and search for the person that you consider most attractive."


video by Michael Rybakov

Was haben wir gemeinsam, oder: Wann ist ein Körper fragil?
(What do we have in common, or: When is a body fragile?)

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