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Site-specific installation at We are Awareness in Art, Zurich

as part of "A City Beyond: Rethinking Co-Habitation"


Created for the exhibition "A City Beyond: Rethinking Co-Habitation", SOMA CITY responds site-specifically to the gallery space and the exhibited artworks while also picking up the theme of co-existence: how do we meet each other, human and non-human, with our bodies?

Spending several days in the space, I used performative and somatic tools in order to create a series of verbal and graphical scores as well as drawings. They invite the viewer to investigate the poetic and imaginative layers of being-in-the-world through sensorial and movement-based experiments. Understanding the audience as participants rather than mere contemplators, the scores reflect on our human capacity to attend to the many internal and external landscapes as endless folds in which self and other, inside and outside resist to be clearly distinguishable. At the same time, they invite us to situate ourselves as inhabitants of space and time in this concrete moment - within the gallery, the city, and beyond.

Exhibition views © Carla Schleiffer

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