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In an open workshop, I invited collaboratively explore what comfort, discomfort and rest meant to the participants, and what they sparked – curious encounters, creative dreaming or sleepy uttering. The workshop was developed from my artistic research on how chronic health conditions and crip time can intervene in our expectations around productivity and efficiency and inspire us to explore the messiness that having a body entails. 

How can we allow space for non-anticipated being? How can we grasp the need for rest within urgent world issues as a creative practice? We worked with movement, improvisation and writing and took over Pushkin House with scores for radical rest! Starting from everyday movements and moments of sitting, talking and walking, we used various somatic and creative techniques to find different bodily positions and expressions in relationship to each other, the architecture around us and the city we are in. 

Documentation of the workshop at Pushkin House London, April 2023, image courtesy of the artist.  
A photograph of group of people who explore various ways to sit, lie and rest on chairs which are scattered through the room.

Scores for Radical Rest
Workshop at Pushkin House London


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