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Kakosmos (after Bruno Latour): Sensing P.

Premiere at Polo del ‘900 Turin 2022 as part of the exhbition "Every food is a landscape", promoted by BJCEM in the frame of the Food Wave project, curated by Marco Trulli.

For single channel edit see here.

This project started with the holding a potato in my hand and for a moment, observing rather than immediately pealing it. I went through a thought process that ecological theorist Bruno Latour taught me, with whom I was so lucky to work: which dependencies did I rely on so that this potato was able to arrive in my hand?


The dependencies of money trading, of transport, of farming, of earth and sun, of a history of cultivation throughout the world, travelling continents along colonial trajectories, a rich cultural history.


Yet, there I am, sensing the potato, perceiving its textures, weight, smell. I believe that sentient tools, bodily knowledges as well as moving encounter can propose a grounding for such complexities. Why is that important? Because our (western) relationship to nature, materiality and food is often shaped by an objective perspective, surpassing the potentiality of ritual and liminal spaces that allow for ‘things’ such as food to be perceived as agent. This video installation wants to meet the complex history and entanglements of the potato with dance and sensorial methods thus offers to bridge the supposedly harsh bifurcation between felt sense and objective knowledge.

Project by Mira Hirtz

Performing: Kate Brown and Franziska Böhm

Sound: Matthias Arrignon and Mira Hirtz

Editing: Mira Hirtz

Artistic Advisor: Svenja Buehl, with special thanks to be informed by her eco-somatic practices


Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Minister of State for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance








Opening of "Every food is a landscape", 2022, Photo by Vanessa Vettorello

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